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Hirter Märzen

Our Hirter Märzen is a masterly specialty. Entirely GMO-free, non-pasteurized and all natural, it has a mild carbonic acid structure and punchy flavor. It is highly fermented, making it light, yet full-bodied on the palate, with a mature, smooth and rounded finish. The use of only the finest aromatic hops ensures that the bitter flavor element does not take centre stage. Brewed from the finest mountain spring water and matured in a prolonged aging process, our Hirter Märzen is an all-natural delicacy.


Original gravity: 11,8° Plato
Alcohol: 5,0 % vol.
Yeast: bottom-fermented
Style: full-bodied

Best enjoyed with:
Grilled sausages, Schnitzel, prime boiled beef

2010 SILVER at the European Beer Star 
2012 DLG-GOLD award
2014 DLG-GOLD award
2014 GOLD at the European Beer Star




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