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Hirter Kellermeister

Genuinely organic and naturally cloudy

Mellow, fruity and easy on the palate: this is naturally cloudy Hirter Kellermeister. Optimal drinking enjoyment guaranteed by the natural clouding and mild acidity. The unmistakeable fl avour comes from the purely organic ingredients (barley and wheat malt, as well as hops), exclusively produced by Austrian organic farmers.

As with all Hirter beers, the soft mountain spring water comes from the “Hanselbauer” springs in the water protection area directly opposite the brewery. Hirter Kellermeister is GM-free, no pasteurised, and is just as nature intended.

Tasting note:
Mild yellow, natural clouding. Lively initial taste with fine perlage, good fl ow. Delicately fruity, subtle malt aroma, mellow, well balanced. Aftertaste with pleasant residual sweetness, rounded finish.

Original gravity: 11,6° PlatoAlcohol: 4,8 % vol.Yeast: bottom-fermentedStyle: full-bodied

Best enjoyed with:
Moderately spicy main courses, delicate fish dishes, pasta, creamy soups, vegetarian dishes.Buy now
Modular crate, 20 bottles @ 0.5l
Modular crate, 24 bottles @ 0.33l
12er trays @ 0.33l
Keg, 20,5 liters
Keg, 30 liters

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