Hirter Festbock

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Hirter Festbock

Our Hirter Festbock is a specialty beer that goes back several centuries. It is different from other beers not just due to its higher alcohol content, but also its prolonged maturation period of at least five months.

GMO-free, non-pasteurized and entirely natural, the Hirter Festbock goes back to the soft mountain spring water of the Hanslbauer spring opposite the brewery. With its particularly clear color and pure fragrance, the beer is extremely mellow, almost sweet on the palate. Despite its high original gravity, the Festbock has a harmonious, bittersweet finish. Another characteristic of the beer is its mild carbonic acid structure, which guarantees a perfect drinking experience.


Original gravity: 16,0° Plato
Alcohol: 7,0 % vol.
Yeast: bottom-fermented
Style: Bock beer

Best enjoyed with:
Game stew, venison steak, hearty pork-based dishes

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