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Hirter Braumeisterbrand


As any sort of spirit is only ever as good as the raw materials used to produce it, only the best beer specialties of the Hirt brewery make it into our Hirter Braumeisterbrand.
The mash is made from purely brewed beer that is distilled in the distillation column. After a prolonged aging period, the full, fruity aroma of the Hirter Braumeisterbrand unfolds.
While the young Braumeisterbrand has a fruity, hop-based aroma, the essential oils of hop and yeast are less pronounced as they age, leading to a noble, full-bodied malty taste and a delicate fruit aroma reminiscent of pears.

ALCOHOL: 40 % vol.Verpackungseinheiten:Hirter Braumeisterbrand 0,2lHirter Braumeisterbrand 0,2l and 2 Hirter shot glasses in a gift boxHirter Braumeisterbrand 0,5lHirter Braumeisterbrand 1l



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Hirter Braumeisterbrand 0.2l
Hirter Braumeisterbrand 0.2l and 2 Hirter shot glasses in a gift box
Hirter Braumeisterbrand 0.5l
Hirter Braumeisterbrand 1l

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