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Hirter 1270

Our traditional, all-natural full-bodied Hirter 1270 is a delicious interplay between ancient recipes and modern-day tastes. Its characteristic color is due to the gently roasted, caramelized brewing malt.
The water of the Hanslbauer spring and the prolonged maturation time make the Hirter 1270 a GMO-free, non-pasteurized and all-natural beer specialty.
Its delicately balanced, malty flavor, which is enhanced by the subtly integrated carbonic acid structure, is due to the use of the purest aromatic hops, paired with caramelized brewing malt. The Hirter 1270 treats beer lovers to a crisp, full-bodied burst of aroma. 

Original gravity: 11,9° Plato
Alcohol: 4,9 % vol.
Yeast: bottom-fermented
Style: full-bodied

Best enjoyed with:
Roast chicken, grilled meat, hearty and savory dishes such as pepper steak

2012 DLG-GOLD award
2014 DLG-GOLD award
2014 SILVER at the European Beer Star 
2016 GOLD at the European Beer Star 

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