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Passion for the real thing

Felix Sommer from Carinthia, Austria, and Hirter beer have something in common: great passion for the real thing. Because only the real thing provides perfect pleasure which stands the test of time, outlasting trends and fads. This applies to beer just like to music.

Real, good music will still rock you after decades have passed – and a good beer will please you, too, after centuries. That said, there is no doubt that DJ and vinyl collector, Felix Sommer, whose collection contains more than 600 grammophone records, is the perfect face for the current campaign of the private brewery Hirt.

The real thing has no expiry date. It fascinates and inspires. Therefore, collectors such as Felix Sommer pursue their passion with great personal commitment. Just like the employees of the private brewery Hirt have done it by providing real pleasure for 748 years.

Felix Sommer

“I collect vinyls, because real quality outlives short-time trends. Real quality is everlasting.”

Fact box

Name: Felix Sommer
Born in: Klagenfurt
Lives in: Klagenfurt
Occupation: Online- & Performance-Marketer
Vocation: DJ
Passion: Has been collecting vinyls for many years, mainly the genres of house, soul, R&B and hip-hop

Behind the scenes...

Making Of: Echte Leidenschaft
Ihr habt unseren Vinylsammler und DJ Felix Sommer ja schon kennengelernt.
Hier könnt ihr euch einen kleinen Überblick darüber verschaffen, wie unser Tag mit ihm abgelaufen ist. Viel Spaß!

1Hirter Vinyl Lover 2017-11-21 017

2Hirter Vinyl Lover 2017-11-21 017

3Hirter Vinyl Lover 2017-11-21 017

4Hirter Vinyl Lover 2017-11-21 017

5Hirter Vinyl Lover 2017-11-21 017

7Hirter Vinyl Lover 2017-11-21 017

8Hirter Vinyl Lover 2017-11-21 017

9Hirter Vinyl Lover 2017-11-21 017

The sound of real passion

What would be the sound of real passion if you could hear it?

Felix Sommer, the testimonial of the current advertising campaign of the Privatbrauerei Hirt, has probably asked himself a similar question when he started working on his latest creation “La Passion”.

Here you can listen to his musical answer to the question >>

Since 1270, we have been recognised for many things that are more in demand today than ever before. In our private brewery, we live values such as regionality, quality, tradition and natural resources. Therefore, only the highest quality ingredients and pure water from our own mountain springs are found in every Hirter beer, but also a lot of heart and dedication. Hirter beers are not only a product of the genuine Carinthian nature, but also of genuine passion.

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