Passion for the real thing

Hirter Bier
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Out of Passion for the Real Thing

The New Hirter Campaign with alpine Dairyman Franz Glabischnig.

Our new campaign features Franz Glabischnig, an alpine dairyman from the Alexanderalm. What connects him to the Hirter brewery is his passion for original craftsmanship and for creating real enjoyment from natural raw materials.

Both traditions – beer brewing as well as cheese production on alpine pastures – have been cultivated in Austria for many centuries. Like the high-quality culinary creations of the alpine dairyman, also the Hirt beers stand for timeless quality and the preservation and further development of traditional crafts for future generations.

Franz Glabischnig was one of the first farmers in Carinthia to practice organic farming some 40 years ago. As co-founder of the Kaslab'n Nockberge, the nature lover is committed to the sustainable management of alpine landscapes. Since 1997 he has been a dairy farmer on the Alexanderalm, which is located at 1800 metres in altitude and has been farmed for more than a hundred years. When Franz Glabischnig took over the alpine pasture, a lot of building work and initiative were necessary to transform the alpine pasture, which was overgrown with alpenrose, hawthorn, junipers and nard grasses, into a dairy pasture with flowering alpine meadows. Today, the Alexanderalm provides a coupled pasture for dairy cows and horses for four summer months. In the dairy, the milk is processed to unique cheese, curd and butter.

Franz Glabischnig knows: The best thing is the real taste, directly from nature. This does not require artificial additives or tricks, but only care and passion for a craft that has been passed on and perfected for centuries. And this applies not only to the dairy on the Alexanderalm, but also to the brewing trade, to which the private brewery Hirt is dedicated.

Franz Glabischnig

“The most basic features of beer and cheese are absolutely the same: you need good raw materials, honest raw materials, so you can make a good product with passion.”


Name:          Franz Glabischnig       
Born in:        Spittal an der Drau
Residence:   On the Alexanderalm in the Nockberge    mountains   
Occupation:  Alpine herdsman and dairyman, organic farmer and mountain inn keeper out of passion
Vocation:      Getting the real thing   

Die Rohstoffe

„Früher hat es eigentlich immer nur Bio gegeben, das war ganz normal. Man hat ganz natürlich gewirtschaftet, man hat Naturrohstoffe gehabt, man hat nur Salz gehabt, und was du gebraucht hast zum Kas‘n, die Kühe sind gesund gefüttert worden und deshalb ist es eigentlich von früher her, kann man sagen, auf der Alm eigentlich immer bio gewsen.“

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Since 1270, we have been recognised for many things that are more in demand today than ever before. In our private brewery, we live values such as regionality, quality, tradition and natural resources. Therefore, only the highest quality ingredients and pure water from our own mountain springs are found in every Hirter beer, but also a lot of heart and dedication. Hirter beers are not only a product of the genuine Carinthian nature, but also of genuine passion.