Hirter Bier

How it all began...

“Item taberna in Hurde solvit talentum 1“ – these historic cryptic words about the Hirt brewery were recorded back in 1270. For those of you who don’t know Latin: this means something like “Equally, the tavern at Hirt shall pay one talent”. This may not sound terribly exciting – but it was with these words that the Hirt brewery was first mentioned in the assets register of Gurk Cathedral Chapter, earning it the title as one of Austria’s oldest private breweries.

In addition to this Latin tax assessment notice, the register also included a list of other charges and duties that Hirt would have to pay to the Cathedral Chapter – ranging from barley to hops and wheat. This indicates that beer brewing was already an important field of business back then!

The Hirt brewery already supplied Carinthian beer lovers with traditional specialties in the late Middle Ages. From 1493 onwards, the ownership of today’s Hirter Braukeller can be fully documented – which just goes to show that we have been following our delicious mission without compromise from the very beginning.

And our mission still hasn’t changed one bit. Situated along one of Austria’s most important North-South transport routes, the Braukeller still is the #1 ‘pit stop’ for beer lovers from near and far!


From history to myth

The Hirt brewery and Braukeller don’t enjoy a special reputation without reason! After all, beer lovers from near and far already flocked to Carinthia in times of the Austrian beer cartel to enjoy Hirt’s liquid gold. Word of our beer even traveled as far as Vienna, although it wasn’t even on sale there!

This was largely due to Viennese students, who regularly came home from their trips to Carinthia with their cars full of Hirter beer crates. As word of mouth spread, it was only a logical step for the Hirt brewery to start selling their beer also outside Carinthia after the beer cartel was broken up in 1980. 

Even today, Vienna has remained the second most important market for Hirter beer after Carinthia. More than 1,000 restaurants and bars in Austria’s capital already offer refreshing Hirter beer and invite their guests to stop for a drink beneath one of the many Hirter signs.