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Quality first

For more than 740 years now, Hirter has been on the road to success – from the very beginnings as a stone-brewing beer manufacturer up until today, where the family business is 100% privately owned and run by Managing Directors Dr. Klaus Möller and Nikolaus Riegler.

Throughout our history, we have always put one thing before anything else: the quality of our beer!

We think that organic growth is important – but for us being modern primarily means to continuously provide our customers with the high product quality they have come to expect from us. Accordingly, the majority of our investments don’t go towards capacity expansion but towards quality management. After all, in Hirt we like to keep things small but nice!

In order to meet our high quality demands, the Hirt brewery regularly has its standards verified by external institutions.

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Proud to be different

Hirter is proud to be different and committed to excellence. For instance, our beer is brewed in a traditional, relatively labor-intensive two-tank fermentation process. Instead of pasteurizing our beer to extend its shelf life, we carefully cold-filter it: first in the diatomite filter, then in the sheet filter.

Although this procedure is quite elaborate and requires very high standards of hygiene, it is the only way to ensure that all taste components are fully preserved.

In addition to the excellent quality of our raw materials, we also place great importance on a long maturation period to be able to offer our customers purely natural and GMO-free beer specialties.


Pure pleasure

The Hirt brewery is one of the few breweries in Austria that produces their beer from pure mountain spring water. The soft water comes from the 24 Hanslbauer springs located in the water protection area on the Lorenzenberg directly opposite the brewery.

Its six water hardness degrees make it an ideal choice for brewing beer without any prior processing. We’re really lucky to be blessed with such an exquisite spring!

In addition to our beer specialties, Kärnten WasserGold and five alcohol-free Hirter lemonades also come from the springs opposite the Hirt brewery.

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