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Hirter Zwickl

The Hirter Zwickl has a distinctive natural cloudiness that guarantees that all flavor components are fully preserved. The residual yeast is perfectly integrated into the full-bodied overall character of the beer without ever compromising the delicate yeast aroma on the palate and in the nose.

Brewed from the soft mountain spring water of the Hanslbauer spring and with a low carbonic acid content, the Hirter Zwickl has a particularly rounded, drinkable finish. GMO-free and non-pasteurized, a freshly tapped Hirter Zwickl is a naturally cloudy delicacy!

Original gravity: 12,3° Plato
Alcohol: 5,2 % vol.
Yeast: bottom-fermented, unfiltered, naturally cloudy
Style: full-bodied

Best enjoyed with:
Salads, menus with several courses (if you don’t want to change the beer to go with each course), spicy dishes, fruit salad

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