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Hirter Kräuterradler

Our Hirter Kräuterradler is all about the natural flavors of its home region. It consists of one part Hirter Vollbier, which has won numerous awards, and one part refreshing herbal lemonade, the precise composition of which shall remain our little secret! We will only give this much away: in addition to Alpine Gentian and sage, regionally sourced elderberry also plays a pivotal role in this delicious recipe! The flavor is further enhanced by coriander and ginger, which incidentally is often claimed to be a natural aphrodisiac!

As with all Hirter beer specialties, our Kräuterradler is brewed using the soft mountain spring water of the Hanslbauer spring in the water protection area directly opposite the brewery. GMO-free, without any artificial sugars and non-pasteurized, the Hirter Kräuterradler is an all-natural delicacy. Even the used carbonic acid is a natural by-product of the brewing process! The full-bodied, tart and fruity flavors of the finest herbs make the Hirter Kräuterradler so distinctive. 


Original gravity: 5,9° Plato
Alcohol: 2,5 % vol.
Yeast: bottom-fermented
Style: herbal lemonade mixer

Best enjoyed with:
Desserts, salads, white meat 


2013 DLG-SILVER award



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Modular crate, 20 bottles @ 0.5l
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Box, 6 bottles @ 0.33l (disposable)
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Tray, 24 bottles @ 0.33l (disposable)
Keg, 30 liters

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