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World-Spirits Award for Braumeisterbrand and Zigarrenbrand
For twenty years in the brewery Privatbreuerei Hirt we distill excellent spirits only from the best raw materials.

As our master brewer Raimund Linzer said, “the passion for the real thing” is the key success factor for our beers and spirits as well.

We have to thank this passion for two international awards. At this year edition of World Spirits Awards and among 117 distilleries from 25 countries and a total of 493 spirits, the Hirter brewery won the gold medal with Hirter Zigarrenbrand and the silver medal with the Hirter Braumeisterbrand.

Both spirits are available in our shop Hirter Bierathek or in our restaurant Hirter Braukeller.

A victory for passion!

Gold award for Hirter 1270er at the European Beer Star 2016

For the 13th time, the EBS has carefully selected a number of hand-crafted beers that offer both outstanding quality and flavour for its much-coveted awards. Also due to the ever-growing number of participants, the EBS has developed into one of the most renowned awards in the international brewing industry over the last decade.

And as in previous years, the Hirt brewery walked away with an award – and what an award!

The Hirter 1270er, already a “regular” on the winners’ podium in the Red and Amber Lager category after a silver award in 2014 and bronze in 2015, finally made the jump to the very top this year, despite a record number of entries!

GOLD for Hirter 1270er in the Red and Amber Lager category

The 1270er is irresistible in terms of both appearance and flavour: a gleaming amber colour, paired with straightforward, malty notes that are reminiscent of forest honey and sweet blossoms. The uniquely pure and soft mountain spring water used for brewing comes from the Hanselbauer springs located opposite the brewery, thus linking the beer directly to its place of origin. What makes this water so special is that it is pure enough to be used for brewing without any sort of prior treatment.

The EBS once more registered an increase in the number of participants, which makes the Hirter 1270er gold award even more impressive. Each of the 57 categories had just one gold, silver and bronze award to allocate among 2,103 beers from 44 countries! The 124 jurors, consisting of master brewers, beer sommeliers and certified beer experts, assessed the entries in a blind tasting according to a range of criteria. In order to come as close as possible to the criteria that consumers would also use, the assessment is done purely on the basis of sensory impressions, such as aroma profile, flavour and fragrance.

“In the last couple of years, we came extremely close to the big prize, and we are therefore ecstatic to finally walk away with the gold award”, says master brewer Raimund Linzer. “Given the strong competition, the fact that we have consistently achieved above-average results at the EBS not just reflects the remarkable work of our entire team, but also bears witness to the passion we put into brewing our beers.”

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