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Hirter Bier
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Out of Passion for the Real Thing

The New Hirter Campaign with alpine Dairyman Franz Glabischnig.

Our newcampaign features Franz Glabischnig, an alpine dairyman from the Alexanderalm. What connects him to the Hirter brewery is his passion for original craftsmanship and for creating real enjoyment from natural raw materials.

Both traditions – beer brewing as well as cheese production on alpine pastures – have been cultivated in Austria for many centuries. Like the high-quality culinary creations of the alpine dairyman, also the Hirt beers stand for timeless quality and the preservation and further development of traditional crafts for future generations.

Franz Glabischnig was one of the first farmers in Carinthia to practice organic farming some 40 years ago. As co-founder of the Kaslab'n Nockberge, the nature lover is committed to the sustainable management of alpine landscapes. Since 1997 he has been a dairy farmer on the Alexanderalm, which is located at 1800 metres in altitude and has been farmed for more than a hundred years. When Franz Glabischnig took over the alpine pasture, a lot of building work and initiative were necessary to transform the alpine pasture, which was overgrown with alpenrose, hawthorn, junipers and nard grasses, into a dairy pasture with flowering alpine meadows. Today, the Alexanderalm provides a coupled pasture for dairy cows and horses for four summer months. In the dairy, the milk is processed to unique cheese, curd and butter.

Franz Glabischnig knows: The best thing is the real taste, directly from nature. This does not require artificial additives or tricks, but only care and passion for a craft that has been passed on and perfected for centuries. And this applies not only to the dairy on the Alexanderalm, but also to the brewing trade, to which the private brewery Hirt is dedicated.



Franz Glabischnig

“The most basic features of beer and cheese are absolutely the same: you need good raw materials, honest raw materials, so you can make a good product with passion.”


Name:          Franz Glabischnig       
Born in:        Spittal an der Drau
Residence:   On the Alexanderalm in the Nockberge    mountains   
Occupation:  Alpine herdsman and dairyman, organic farmer and mountain inn keeper out of passion
Vocation:      Getting the real thing   



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What exactly is an Alpine Dairy?

In an Alpine dairy, milk is processed to cheese, butter, buttermilk, curd or yoghurt.

The cheese is mostly raw milk cheese, as the technical prerequisites for production of cheese from pasteurised milk are rarely available.

An Alpine dairy (in German: Sennerei) is therefore in principle comparable to a industrial dairy (in German: Molkerei), but of course the Alpine dairy is smaller. In the Alpine region, the Alpine dairy (Sennerei) is part of the mountain chalet (Sennhof) and the Alpine farm.



The Tradition

“The family is extremely important. It is important that the tradition continues. That's why it's important for children to succeed you and to show them what you are passionate about, so that they just feel: you are going the way and you are doing it with joy, and then they will follow you and continue along this way, too.”

The Region

“These small farms and businesses, such as the Kaslabn, the Hirter brewery or the small cheese dairies – they all are part of the region and we need them to strengthen the region, to preserve the purchasing power and to boost the bigger picture, because they make a big contribution to securing jobs, maintaining the traditions and keeping the region alive. This is our living environment. With these, we support our living environment which we all need. We also do need each other: consumer and producer.”

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Hirter Bio Bierkäse

Hirter Kellemeister und Hirter Bio-Bierkäse - Eine echt gute Kombination.
Beide Traditionen – das Bierbrauen und die Käseerzeugung auf Almen – werden in Österreich seit vielen Jahrhunderten gepflegt. So wie die hochwertigen kulinarischen Kreationen des Senners, so stehen auch Biere aus Hirt für zeitlose Qualität und die Bewahrung und Weiterentwicklung von traditionellem Handwerk für die kommenden Generationen.

Eine innovative Bierspezialität, die jedoch einen großen Schritt zurück in Richtung Ursprung geht, ist das Hirter Kellermeister. Das naturtrübe Biobier hat eine prägnante Eigennote, die es den rein biologischen Rohstoffen österreichischer Biobauern zu verdanken hat und präsentiert sich lieblich, fruchtbetont, süffig und echt.

Gemeinsam haben die Privatbrauerei Hirt und die Kaslab’n Nockberge aus ihren Ursprungsprodukten – dem Hirter Kellermeister und einem Käse aus Bio Heumilch – den schmackhaften Hirter Bio-Bierkäse geschaffen.
Der halbweiche Schnittkäse, erhält durch die Fettreduktion auf 20% FiT einen kräftigen Geschmack. Er wird bei der Kaslab’n noch händisch gepflegt und mit dem naturtrüben Biobier der Privatbrauerei Hirt verfeinert. Durch den Einsatz von natürlichen Rotschmiere Bakterien bekommt er den typisch würzigen Charakter und ist somit der ideale Käse für eine echte Kärntner Jause und dazu natürlich ein Hirter Kellermeister.

Den Hirter Bio Bierkäse gibt es ab sofort in der Hirter Bierathek und in der Hirter GenussTheke zu kaufen!

The Beer

“Of course, it is also important for us to have a good beer that tastes good, that has been brewed with honesty, that is a piece of craftsmanship and that is simply made with passion just like bread or cheese.”

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“Craft is very important. It is becoming more and more important that we move away from industrial production and that tradition is preserved. We are dealing with cultural assets here. We have a history which is to be carried on to the next generation.”

Crafts in Austria

Traditional craftsmanship is of huge importance for the Austrian economy. In Austria today, craft enterprises are mainly organised in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Federal Trades and Crafts Division.

More than 150,000 active members of this occupational group in Austria represent this area and train almost every second apprentice.

More than 500,000 of the more than 2.2 million employees in the commercial economy find their jobs in companies that can be associated with traditional crafts. (1 See WKO Annual Statistics and Employment Statistics 2015 of the Trades and Crafts Division, active occupational group memberships by occupational groups without “Professional Association of Professional and Personal Service Providers”, without “Professional Association of Personal Counselling and Personal Care”, without “Federal Guild of Health Professions”, and without “Bioheat Producers” and without “Unclassified Occupational Groups”)

The Raw Materials

“In the past, every farm was organic, there was nothing else, it was normal. Everybody farmed naturally, used natural raw materials; you only had salt, and what else you needed for making cheese; the cows were fed healthy and that's why you can really say that alpine pastures have actually always been organic.”

Since 1270, we have been recognised for many things that are more in demand today than ever before. In our private brewery, we live values such as regionality, quality, tradition and natural resources. Therefore, only the highest quality ingredients and pure water from our own mountain springs are found in every Hirter beer, but also a lot of heart and dedication. Hirter beers are not only a product of the genuine Carinthian nature, but also of genuine passion.