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Out of Passion for Purity

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Out of Passion for Purity

The New Hirter Campaign with the Urban Beekeeper Adriana Traunmüller 

The face of the new Hirter campaign is an urban beekeeper. To quickly explain: Urban beekeeper Adriana Traunmüller and the employees of the private Hirt brewery are united by their real passion for processing the treasures of nature. Why? Because a beer that gives real enjoyment requires high-quality ingredients and people who care and put their heart into their work.

Honey and beer have a lot in common. Like the beer that humans have brewed for about 10,000 years, honey is one of the oldest delights of mankind. Although the methods of extraction of beer and honey have changed over the centuries, one factor has applied to both since the Stone Age - the best and purest taste is the one that comes directly from nature.  There is no need for artificial additions or tricks as it only requires care and genuine passion. “Honey is always totally unadulterated. Nothing is added which does not come from the bees. It is pure and clean, as it should be,” explains Adriana.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to go in new ways, which is demonstrated not only by the innovations of the private Hirt brewery, but also by urban beekeepers such as Adriana Traunmüller. Her bee hives are located on the rooftops of Vienna and her bees collect their honey in an environment that is free from any chemical spraying.

Adriana Traunmüller

What I love most of all – what I never want to have to miss – is starting at six in the morning and going to our bees at the TU, for instance, and I open the hives and it’s slightly hazy and the bees look outside. All of the surrounding city is quiet. That’s the best bit: When you basically wake them up and they all look a bit perplexed ... That really is fantastic!

Fact Box

Name: Adriana Traunmüller
Born in:            Steyr
Residence: Vienna
Occupation: First beekeeper's apprentice of Vienna
Vocation: Bees

Behind the scenes...

Wir gewähren euch einen exklusiven Blick hinter die Kulissen der Entstehung unserer aktuellen Imagekampagne mit unserer sympathischen Stadtimkerin Adriana Traunmüller.

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Since 1270, we have been recognised for many things that are more in demand today than ever before. In our private brewery, we live values such as regionality, quality, tradition and natural resources. Therefore, only the highest quality ingredients and pure water from our own mountain springs are found in every Hirter beer, but also a lot of heart and dedication. Hirter beers are not only a product of the genuine Carinthian nature, but also of genuine passion.

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